Full support throughout implementation

Point FWD brings focus on guiding airport-, technology supplier and security companies throughout the full implementation cycle of security equipment. This starts with a comprehensive technology-, context- and strategy understanding and will have an ongoing ending phase by monitoring for successful equipment deployment. Below way-finder acts as the guiding principle for our support with regards to technology implementation. It furthermore structures an ideal approach to follow when in planning for implementation.

Find out the specifics to the 4 steps and what exact services are provided.


Phases of implementation support

Problem understanding and technology impact assessment

Every airport is unique and for this reason, facing your technology implementation best starts with a thorough problem understanding from the airport’s perspective. In our view, technology and process understanding is the base for successful implementation. In this very first step of implementation it is key to tie airport identity and business strategy to actual change.

Our goals for support in this phase are:

  • To gain and deliver in-depth knowledge on the process situation;

  • To provide confidence over coherent process impact structures of technology change.

Please see our specific support solutions for this phase

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN and Business case

When planning for technology implementation, process redesign and integration is an inevitable step towards solution specification. We believe balance should again be sought in the comprehensive ecosystem of security checkpoint processes. Our approach is to perform thorough solution modellings and simulations based on the airport’s specifics defined in an earlier stage. Two specific outcomes of this phase are:

  • Optimal scenarios for functional security lane and checkpoint designs.

  • Business cases that provide handles for decision-making.

Please see our specific support solutions for this phase


Particularly when talking equipment upgrades like EDS CB and automated lanes, operational testing and trialling will provide you the final direction toward solution deployment. Enhanced technologies require different CONOPs, but the operator is still centre in the process. Operational testing provides you insight into the actual performance, the benefits and realizable potential of technology. Important when trialling is:

  • Perform a trial based on a clear approach, goals, continuous monitoring and steering on insight.

  • Operator training, coaching and progression monitoring should be on top of the agenda.

Please see our specific support solutions for this phase


Each airport has its unique set of changing KPI’s, which makes the security process a highly customized system, resulting in a an ongoing challenge to achieve the most beneficial form of operation. Continuously monitoring the checkpoint process should in the end safeguard the operational success of a chosen solution path. Point FWD helps airports achieve confidence over the actual deployment, by providing:

  • Hands-on integration of all sub-processes, consulting for optimal security operations.

  • Continuous process monitoring analysing for trends, optimization and future changes.

Please see our specific support solutions for this phase

Service products

Point FWD helps (airport) security managers make future proof decisions regarding equipment (EDS CB, ATRS, CT, Security Scanner and Automated Lane) implementation. Our approach always starts with the current checkpoint process situation. Find out below what services we provide for addressing your challenge.

Data capture and baseline performance

Functionally designing the security checkpoint

Monitor progression to steer EDS CB trial project

Continuous data collection